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How can we be drifting through infinite space and have no real experience of space in our daily lives. For me sometimes it feels like the walls are closing in and I am like a cornered rat. It is at these times that I know I have to get real and reconnect with the space I am in. It doesn't take much, just a moment of awareness, a deep, heartfelt breath and everything starts to expand.


I am really looking forward to sharing more about creating a mindful space in a boxed-in life when I visit The View Studio in St. Andrews for the first time this November to guide one of our popular micro-retreats. A morning of mindfulness with some other cornered rats!! Please don't take it the wrong way... we are all in the same corner but there is always a secret tunnel which leads to freedom.... just take a breath!

Sat. 26th Nov. 11am - 1.30 pm, £30 pp



CREATING SPACE - 26th NOV, 11 am - 1.30 pm

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